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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

الاولPresent continuous and present simple
الثانيPresent continuous and present simple 1
الثالثPresent continuous and present simple 2
الرابعPast simple and past continuous
الخامسPresent perfect 1 and present perfect 2
السادسpresent perfect continuous and simple
السابعHow long have you, since, for and when
الثامنPresent perfect and past 1
التاسعPresent perfect and past 2
العاشرPast perfect and past perfect continuous
الحادي عشرHave you got, have, used to and present tenses
الثاني عشرI'm going to do, will/shall 1, will/shall 2
الثالث عشرI will and I'm going to, will be doing and will have done
الرابع عشرPassive 1, passive 2 and passive 3
الخامس عشرReported speech 1 and reported speech 2
السادس عشرQuestions 1 and questions 2
السابع عشرAuxiliary verbs and question tags
الثامن عشرCountable and uncountable 1, countable and uncountable 2
التاسع عشرCountable nouns with a, an and some// a, an and the
العشرونThe 1 and the 2
الحادي والعشرونThe 3 and the 4
الثاني والعشرونNames with and without the1, names with and without the 2
الثالث والعشرونSingular and plural, noun+ noun
الرابع والعشرونMyself, yourself and themselves/ a friend of mine, my own house, on my own/by myself
الخامس والعشرونPhrasal verbs 1, phrasal verbs 2
السادس والعشرونPhrasal verbs 3 and phrasal verbs 4
السابع والعشرونPhrasal verbs 5 and phrasal verbs 6
الثامن العشرونPhrasal verbs 7, 8 and 9
التاسع والعشرونA presentation
الثلاثونA quiz