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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Studies and follow-up

About the department.

(a) University statistics.

(b) The annual report of the University.

c. Annual statistical reports.

d. Scientific plan.

c. Quarterly activity.

The Department of Studies and Follow-up is the starting point in knowledge management and keeping abreast of scientific development. The Department of Studies and Follow-up performs a strategic task by providing data and statistics on the university and colleges

1. Clarify the development objectives pursued by the Department of Studies, Planning and Follow-up to identify areas of organizational creativity to improve the educational and scientific level of the university.

2. Follow-up to determine the future needs of colleges and departments of expansion of colleges and scientific departments and work on scheduling needs and determining their needs of buildings and equipment.

3. Clarify the relationship between the scheme and what will be planned in the field of study and practice in order to rise to a better scientific level.

1) Contribute to the development of short, medium and long-term strategic plans to implement the objectives of the university with the least effort and the shortest time.

2) Know the general criteria that are used in planning, follow-up and monitoring performance for the purpose of evaluating and developing the program in accordance with the scientific possibilities in order to raise the scientific level.

3) Modify deviations in the implementation of plans for all scientific departments through the process of following up and comparing the current performance to the past performance and planning for the future performance of these departments.