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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

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Student Activities

Besides studying, universities provide students with an opportunity to develop their personalities, enrich their personalities, and enlighten them about the nature of society and the role of culture in the development process, whether in terms of developing their homeland, developing their own abilities, promoting cultural, literary, and artistic awareness, and spreading their latent energies in a variety of cultural, social, artistic, and sports fields. One of the most important ways for students to integrate with society is through student activities, which consolidate and document human links between students and faculty members. Additionally, it helps students engage in activities that fit with their interests and aspirations, fosters a sense of belonging to the family, the school, and the country, as well as enhancing their learning and entertaining them while they are in class.

Since they take place at the Islamic University, student activities are divided into multiple activities in various fields.  The university’s youth administration includes numerous committees for student activities, including social activities and trips, as these activities include trips, camps, group recreational activities, parties, and entertainment competitions. Several universities, including the Islamic University, support it.  This activity is funded by a student activity budget. For other activities and public service, the university encourages students to submit a manual activity plan to the Student Welfare Department. Through the use of industries and handicrafts, this activity imparts principles of self-denial, self-reliance, effort, giving, and innovation. In terms of sports activities, the Islamic University provides gyms with the latest equipment and green sports fields for practicing various sports. To promote cooperation among students and faculty members, the university organizes football competitions among all university faculties and other sports and games.  In conclusion, cultural activities provide many possibilities for students to freely voice their thoughts on community concerns and engage in fixing challenges they confront. Additionally, it offers creative students the chance to showcase their skills in poetry, short stories, and other literary arts across a range of literary disciplines.