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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية


About the department.

The scientific promotion is a merit for every teacher who has completed the requirements of scientific promotion stipulated in the instructions for scientific promotions in force and in order to achieve this the Islamic University has prepared a guide to scientific promotions to familiarize university teachers with the materials of the instructions for scientific promotions and how to implement them. The Islamic University, which includes academics with diverse disciplines, is committed to the implementation of the government program and the achievement of academic development to become a prominent institution through its follow-up to the scientific progress of its teachers. The scientific promotion contributes to motivating teachers to publish research in sober scientific journals, which enhances the position of the Islamic University among international universities and this was evidenced by the entry of the Islamic University in the international rankings of universities. The Department of Promotions at the Islamic University works to complete the transactions of scientific promotions for the teaching of the university according to the specified time frames and with high accuracy based on the instructions of the scientific promotions in force and in order to achieve the aspirations of teachers to obtain scientific ranks.