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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Physical Education and Sports Science


Establishment of the department

Approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in 2013

The Department of Physical Education and Sports Sciences at the Islamic University of Najaf looks forward to being among the distinguished scientific departments administratively, scientifically and educationally in order to serve the Iraqi individual and society in the field of sports and to rise to graduate studies to achieve more scientific achievements in this field.

  1. Preparing qualified scientific staff to work in the schools of the Ministry of Education and youth centers and sports training in sports clubs and federations and in the fields of scientific research to develop the reality of Iraqi sports in all its aspects.

  2. Contribute to the dissemination of sports culture and work to make sports activities an important means in the development of national unity.

  3. Contributing to the health development of the individual and society by educating exercise and introducing its positive effects

  4. To actually contribute ideas and visions to the development of sports education curricula and sports activities in order to serve the advancement of the community scientifically, educationally and mathematically.

  5. Contribute to the creation of leaders of the Iraqi and Arab sports movement and to improve its local and international tasks in numbers and qualify sports staff capable of qualitative change of sports in all its administrative, technical and organizational aspects.

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