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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

The Islamic University Network is an advanced application in the field of information technology supervised by the Division of Web Design and Development at the Presidency of the Islamic University and in cooperation with a trained administrative staff to deal with the daily information processes that take place in various parts of the network, the main objective of the development of this application is to provide an interactive environment that allows the exchange of knowledge and experiences on three axes, namely, Exchange of experiences between the professors of the Islamic University and the academic community surrounding the university and enrich the educational and scientific interaction between the students of the university and their professors on the second axis, while the third axis is the employment of information technology in the right way to make the Islamic University able to compete with international and local universities in this important sector, the Islamic University network pays special attention to visitors and followers by keeping them fully informed of all the updates published on the network. All the operations of the network for indexing and tracking updates are carried out automatically and do not need the management or intervention of a human element so we ensure that the latest updates reach those interested in the form of mailings with notifications or in the form of RSS updates, which we pay attention to that has not been shown by any other Arab site, in conclusion we hope that the Islamic University network will become in the near term one of the leading sites in providing scientific and research support to Arab students and not only Iraqis and God and the guardian of success.

The Division of Web Design and Development at the Presidency of the Islamic University works to link all the joints of the university electronically through an administrative and technical structure, training and supervision of the work of joint coordination staff in the departments, departments and colleges of the university. The main objective of this electronic representation is to build an e-government within the university aimed at serving groups of society including professors, students, associates, citizens in addition to all reviewers. The electronic communication window is the Islamic University’s electronic network with all its interactive service sites. Any of the mentioned categories can follow the news updates and announcements on the university media site or the media departments in the sites of colleges, departments and centers affiliated with the Islamic University in order to inquire about the results of the administrative achievement.