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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Founding Body


Secretary General

His Eminence Mr. Sadreddine Kabangi

Born in Najaf in Rajab in 1956, His father is the author, researcher and preacher, Mr. Hassan al-Kabangi, who was kidnapped by the hands of the Baath authority in 1991 1711 Ah in the largest arrest group of religious scholars in Najaf, which took place with the entry of the forces of power to Najaf ashraf to suppress the people’s uprising, With about 100 scientists detained, all of them have been lost, It appears that they all testified in the same year in mass killings and where mass graves continue to be uncovered on Najaf and Karbala road.

Deputy Secretary General and Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Ammar Abdulamier Al-Salami

· He holds a Doctorate in Arabic Philosophy/Qur’anic Studies from the Faculty of Arts at Kufa University in 2010.
· He holds a master’s degree in Arabic language and literature from the Faculty of Arts at Kufa University in 2005.
· He has valuable scientific and literary contributions in the field of specialization.
· He studied at the Noble Scientific Estate in Najaf.

Members of the Founding Board

  • His Eminence Mr. Sadreddine Hassan Al-Kabanji

  • Dr. Ammar Abdul Amir Al-Salami

  • Dr. Ali Azam Mohammed Kurdi

  • Dr. Hadi Abd Al-Nabi Al-Tamimi

  • Dr Mahmoud Shaker Al , Khafaji

  • Dr. Abd Ali Hassan Naour

  • Dr. Sana Mohammed Hamid Al-Musawi

  • Mr. Zeid Riad Hamza

  • Prof. Dr. Mohsen Abdul Sahib Jaber Taher Al-Muzaffar

  • Experienced Professor Dr. Sawadi Abdul Mohammed and Hadi Al-Ruweshdi

  • Prof. Dr. Najah Jamil Abdul Hassan Nasser Al Safi

  • Prof. Dr. Abdul Majid Abdullah Jabr Ismail Al Saadi

  • Prof. Dr. Haidar Kazem Abdul Ali Al-Khafaji

  • Mr. Shaker Shanawa Saleh Radhi Al-Hasnawi

  • Mr. Abbas Abd Al-Yamah Taher Al-Abboudi

  • Associate Professor Dr. Mohamed Taha Hussein Ali Husseini

  • Associate Professor Dr. Ali Mujbal Salbukh and Dai Al-Azari

  • Associate Professor Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Pepper Ali Al-Musawi

  • Teacher Dr. Majid Hammoudi Ali Hussein Al-Faham

  • Assistant Teacher Ahmed Faiq Mohammed Ali Jaaz Al-Halafi

Foundation's Objectives

First: Spreading awareness and culture in various scientific and cultural fields.

Secondly: Taking care of the dissemination of Islamic thought, especially the thought and culture of the people of the house.

Thirdly: contribute to the movement of the advancement of society scientifically, And culturally.

Foundation Plans

First: The establishment of an Islamic university, institutes, And schools with scientific specialties, and humane after taking approvals.

Secondly: Creating public libraries, centers, and units for studies, research, And information centers.

Thirdly: Newspaper and periodicals.

Fourthly: Create a printing house, And publish.

Fifthly: Creating a radio station, And a cultural satellite channel, And scientific.

Sixthly: Conferencing and cultural seminars, And the panel discussions, Lecturing and sharing experiences to develop and promote society.

Seventhly: Cooperation with universities, And research centers, All media, for the purpose of achieving the foundation’s objectives inside and outside Iraq in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Viii: Activating translation, publishing, and authoring, And the investigation.

Foundation Projects

Islamic University


Imam Mahdi Religious University

Al , Furqan Civil Schools

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Al , Hussein Educational Hospital