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Islamic Education

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The department seeks to achieve excellence and leadership in teaching, scientific research and community service to become an icon at the national level to reach the ranks of islamic education departments with a prestigious position at the regional and international level.

Section Letter

1. Creating a scientific environment in accordance with the standards of academic accreditation in the fields of education, learning and research.

2. Preparing qualified graduates with scientific abilities in their academic field.

3. Develop and develop teaching bodies and encourage scientific research.

4. The community has provided scientific cards and capabilities with theoretical and applied knowledge and sciences.

Department goals

  1. Instilling the ideological and behavioral foundations of the students of the department to be able to build, give and take responsibility in the stages of education.

  2. Preparing educational teaching staff distinguished by the Qur’anic Islamic culture and the approach of the Prophet Al-Akram (p) and his family (p), Look forward to building solid specialized generations.

  3. Providing a distinct educational research product in quantity and quality that contributes to the accumulation of knowledge, develops professional practices and meets the needs of the educational field.

  4. The qualification of students academically scientifically in full harmony with the requirements of the labor market.

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