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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Faculty of Education


The establishment of the college

The Faculty of Education at the Islamic University of Najaf was founded on the order of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research numbered JH / 4212 on 16 September 2013 to spread knowledge and enrich the daily life of the individual and provoke his motivation to use scientific thinking and realize the effectiveness of science and knowledge and its role in the movement of community development to create an environment suitable for science and knowledge.
Its objectives (mission): work on strategic plans and develop them and work to use the best possibilities to attract students to suit the labor market. Students gain extensive scientific knowledge in all scientific and educational fields. Work to develop the movement of scientific research by selecting qualified teaching staff and benefiting from the results of research in solving scientific problems. Qualification and numbers of graduate students for purposes in the labor market and completion of postgraduate studies. Developing and developing the capabilities of faculty members. Supporting cultural and scientific ties between the college and other scientific institutions from universities and community institutions, whether local, Arab or international. Providing consultations and studies that contribute to the development of education in partnership with relevant institutions.

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