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Electronic Classes

E-learning is very important to the Islamic University, not only during crisis times but in general as well. In addition to providing many educational tools for students over the Internet, the university integrates e-learning with traditional education.

Here is a list of platforms that support integrated e-learning through electronic resources, as the Islamic University has expanded its integration of e-learning with traditional education. For students, the university provides many educational tools via the Internet.

Here is a list of platforms that support e-learning:


On the faculty websites, faculty members in various scientific departments publish their weekly lectures through their official accounts. Follow the weekly updates by selecting the faculty, the section, and the lecture list.


As part of the Islamic University's commitment to blended learning, each college offers a set of electronic classes via the Google Classroom platform. Click here to view a list of relevant online courses.

Moodle System:

The Islamic University is eager to offer the Moodle platform, which publishes curricula year-round and offers discussion areas with teachers of each scientific subject that include assignments, quick exams, written dialogue, and other services. To learn more, click here.


The Multimedia Center is a virtual interactive teaching facility at the Islamic University. Click here to see a list of interactive lectures that the professors of the subjects that undergraduate students teach have recorded.