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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Dr. Ammar Abdulamier Al-Salami


He holds a Doctorate in Arabic Philosophy/Qur’anic Studies from the Faculty of Arts at Kufa University in 2010.

He holds a master’s degree in Arabic language and literature from the Faculty of Arts at Kufa University in 2005.

He has valuable scientific and literary contributions in the field of specialization.

He studied at the Noble Scientific Estate in Najaf.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering from the Technological University in 1995.

He has a lot of research and articles published in scientific journals.

He has been assistant dean of the Islamic College since its inception in 2003.

Editor-in-Chief of the Islamic College magazine.

He has many books of thanks from several scientific institutions.

He holds many certificates of appreciation from universities and educational departments.

He taught in the Department of Qur’anic, Linguistic and Other Studies at the University Islamic College.

He has been dean of the University Islamic College since 2010.

Participated in many scientific conferences inside and outside Iraq.

Member of the Iraqi Engineers Union with an advisory degree.

Member of the Iraqi Teachers’ Union.

Member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate.

He is assistant secretary general of the Islamic University of Science and Knowledge Foundation.

He has many works, including:

A- The construction of Qur’anic images / printed at the expense of the Holy Upper Threshold

B- The poetry of Sheikh Mohammed Hussein revealed the cover / objective and technical study.