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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Department of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology Engineering


Establishment of the department

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research approved its establishment with its book numbered JH/ 5970 on 2/12/2010

The department’s vision is to advance the areas of knowledge of the theoretical and practical aspect of refrigeration and air conditioning systems and the ways in which they operate, install and maintain, leading to the creation of scientific competencies in this discipline after obtaining the certificate. As well as developing the possibility of teaching in the exact specialization of our department to suit the scientific vocabulary and the rigorous training of laboratory equipment for cooling systems in the laboratories of the department

A. The community has provided engineers with extensive experience in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning engineering.

(b) Developing the student’s mentality by training him on how to scientifically research in solving problems related to refrigeration and conditioning.

Establishing training programs and courses in industrial facilities for the purpose of scientific exchange and theoretical and practical compatibility.

W- Scientific communication of students and teaching staff with the world’s findings in the field of air conditioning and refrigeration through the Internet, research and participation in scientific conferences and programs.

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