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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Department of Construction and Construction Technologies Engineering


Establishment of the department

The Department of Construction and Construction Technologies engineering was established in 2016 as a result of the urgent need to provide the country with technical cadres specialized in construction engineering after the great development of the country, especially in Najaf province, which is an important tourist center to which millions flock and need cadres capable of designing and implementing its tourism, industrial, religious and administrative facilities.

The Department of Construction and Construction Technology Engineering is to be one of the units dealing with the development of technical engineering education in Iraq by providing a distinguished and renewed program recognized at the national and international level. It provides services and research that enrich the profession and promote the community and a high-quality educational engineering environment that provides highly qualified field technical engineers to build and serve their home.

1- Providing the student with a practical experience and a contemporary academic enriching his technical engineering skills in order to be distinguished in his applied career.

2- Conduct all field, on-site and laboratory tests (non-damage) on all construction materials and soil, read their results and conform to standard specifications. Reading, preparing and implementing structural and architectural maps, calculating their quantities and cost, concluding contracts for projects and using the calculator extensively.

3- Graduation of technical engineers capable of applying the methods of design, implementation, management and organization of workers, materials and machinery to achieve the specific objectives of a particular project.

4- Maintenance of buildings, roads and other projects and control of the subject of environmental pollution as a problem of the times.

5- The use of modern space equipment extensively to create topographic charts and parameters, divide land, identify road paths and draw longitudinal and transverse sections.

6- Organizing and managing various construction projects and in modern ways using computers and familiar with professional methods in construction work in addition to studying construction machines in terms of their productivity and cost of operation and methods of use.

7- Emphasizing organized teamwork as a team.

8- Preparing graduates to learn about the ethics of the profession, knowledge of contemporary issues and influence in society.

9- Preparing graduates to serve the community effectively and efficiently.

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