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Admission to the Bachelor’s Degree

General Principles of Admission System:

– Adopting the electronic form for the purpose of applying to private universities and colleges.

– Adoption of the average differentiation principle for admission to morning and evening studies.

– The student has the right to write only four options in the electronic form.

– The student is accepted according to the options indicated in the application form, and the student’s submission of the electronic form for admission to private universities and colleges is not binding on the Ministry in accepting him, but depends on his competition and comparison with the rest of the students.

– 8% is calculated from the degree of foreign languages added to any year of graduation and added to the student’s total, not his average (as in the example):

Student’s total score: 560 560

French score: 90 90

8% of the French score 90 X 0.08 = 7.2

The student’s total after adding the French becomes 567.2

– The submission period is 10 working days, beginning on the date the electronic form is launched.

– This feature adds one mark to the advanced student’s average who passed the first round of the preparatory branches (scientific, literary, industrial, commercial, agricultural, Islamic, computer and information technology, applied arts, teachers institute, nursing, midwifery, and obstetrics).

– Two degrees are added to the average of the student for preparatory studies in all its branches for admission to the corresponding specialisation (for the institute’s certificate), provided that the student brings his graduation document from the institute, where the competition takes place on the basis of the average and the preparatory certificate.

– The first 20% of graduate students (diploma holders) are eligible to apply to universities and private colleges with a specialisation related to their studies at the institute, provided they do not have an advantage in the paragraph where competition is based on the institute’s rate. The (20%) for each major is calculated according to units with an algebraic fraction of the number for the benefit of the student.

e.g., in the major in which the number of graduates from the first round is 43, 9 students are nominated.

– If the student is accepted in more than one seat (morning, evening), his acceptance will be approved in the seat in which he is registered, and his name will be removed from the other seat.

– The student must review the authority in which his acceptance appeared for the purpose of registration within ten (10) working days of its appearance, or his acceptance will be revoked.

– The fraction (0.5 and above) in the GPA is rounded off for the benefit of the student for the purpose of application.

– The student has the right to choose one of the two privileges below:

A- The privilege of accepting children of faculty members and holders of postgraduate degrees in other ministries.

B – The privilege of the families of the martyrs.

– A student who is the child of a faculty member, a holder of a higher degree in another ministry, or a member of a martyr’s family is eligible to apply through the public channel using the electronic form.

General Conditions for Admission to Morning Studies:

– To have obtained an Iraqi preparatory school certificate, or its equivalent certificate, backed up by certification from the governorate’s General Directorate of Education and in accordance with the admission entries for each major.

– Graduates of vocational centers whose study period is three years and who have taken the ministerial exam (baccalaureate) exclusively have the right to apply to private universities and colleges according to the inputs for each major.

– To study full-time, and it is not permitted to combine work and study (at the same time) in universities and morning colleges, and this includes employees of all government institutions, and their continuation of studies is required to obtain study leave from their departments, beginning with the current instructions. It is not permissible to combine two studies either. In the event that it is proved otherwise, he writes to the Ministry or Department of Private University Education to cancel his admission.

– To pass the medical examination in accordance with the study conditions, and the blind student who meets the conditions has the right to apply for appropriate human studies.

– A student who has previously been accepted into a private university or college has the right to apply to another department within the same college based on the inputs and conditions of his application for the academic year in which he is registered. In the event that he is accepted, his university or college issues an administrative order to change his department, and he proceeds to the first stage of his new admission, and the Ministry is notified of that.

– The student’s enrollment is numbered if he is admitted to another university or college, studies outside Iraq, or obtains an appointment after submitting a written request to that effect within a period of one working week from the date of submission.

– A student accepted in government universities and colleges has the right to apply for admission to private universities and colleges according to the electronic form and the principle of comparison according to the inputs and conditions of the application for the academic year, and the delivery of the student’s file is based on a delivery record. It must be submitted by those authorised to do so within (60) days of the date of the admission order’s issuance; otherwise, the university or college will bear the consequences.

– A student whose enrollment has been upgraded in a private university or college has the right to apply again according to the electronic form and the principle of differentiation and according to the inputs and conditions of submission for the academic year in which he wishes to enroll, provided that the student does not apply for admission to the same department in which his enrollment was upgraded.

– Private universities and colleges are not allowed to receive any amount of tuition fees, or the so-called insurances, from the student before his admission to the university or college appears, nor are they entitled to collect any other amounts throughout the student’s admission and registration period on the electronic system.

– Ministers and those of their rank, members of the House of Representatives, those with special grades, and members of provincial councils are not entitled to apply in the morning study.

– Graduates of preparatory studies (as recognised by the Ministry of Education) from the Kurdistan Region can apply for admission to private universities and colleges.

– After the students are accepted, university orders for the universities and administrative orders for the colleges are issued, both of which include the names of the accepted students. These orders are then presented to the College Council for approval before being submitted to the Ministry.

– Every academic year, the data of students admitted to private universities and colleges is checked with the Private University Education Department and according to the contexts established by the department.

General Conditions for Evening Studies:

– The university calendar is the same as that announced at public universities for morning and evening studies.

– The start of official working hours is at 2:00 p.m.

– A commitment to administering final exams uniformly (using the same copy of the questions) for evening and morning studies, first and second sessions, and all academic levels; and the university or college bears the legal consequences if this is not met. (HTH)