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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

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Academic Planning

All aspects of academic life can be encompassed by academic planning, including research development, sustainable development, organizing resources, supporting researchers, and developing infrastructure at both the human and spatial scales. The institution should also focus on making long-term academic decisions, preparing for the next academic year with five-year plans, decimal plans, and making important decisions.  

Providing academic, technical, and research opportunities is a priority for the principals. The Islamic University Council aims to educate staff, researchers, and postgraduate students of the university about the main learning standards and academic options so that they can select research-related courses based on their interests, talents, and skills. During the academic planning process, the university is keen to ensure mechanisms that ensure flexibility, effectiveness and response to the needs of the university in particular, as well as the needs of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Iraqi government as a whole. In addition to providing educational opportunities that help enrich the labor market with qualified graduates who can contribute effectively to the future of their country and nation, as well as to actively participate in our dear country’s economic and social development.  

Visit the university’s strategic plan to learn about the processes involved in all types of planning.  

In light of the aforementioned and the university’s future plans for growth, the university president has formed a working group for academic planning at the university level, tasked with designing and developing the university’s academic planning process in accordance with agreed guidelines, goals, determinants, and directives. The work team included members from all university formations, including the university presidency, college deans, and various research centers.  

As part of its planning process, the team is evaluating and studying similar experiences at other universities, including criteria and methodologies for prioritising new program proposals and reviewing the performance of existing programs in order to ensure that programs are aligned with institutional priorities and strategies. (HTH)