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Islamic University Recognises Quran Competition Standouts

Islamic University, Najaf – In a ceremony held on Saturday, June 1st, 2024, the Islamic University President, Professor Dr. Ammar Abdul Amir al-Salami, recognized students who secured first place in the Quran memorization and recitation competition. This prestigious event, held for Iraqi university students by the Scientific Academy of the Abbasid Holy Shrine in collaboration with Al-Kafeel University, took place on April 29th, 2024. The ceremony was attended by prominent figures including the Dean of the College of Islamic Sciences, Professor Dr. Hadi Al-Tamimi, the Assistant Dean, Dr. Fatima Abdul Amir Al-Salami, and the Director of the Holy Quran Division, Assistant Lecturer Mohsen Rasul Al-Saffar. President al-Salami commended the winning students for their dedication to the Quran, both in memorization and recitation. He highlighted their academic achievements as well, offering his well wishes for their continued success in both their studies and their service to the Holy Quran.


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