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الجامعة الاسلامية

Accreditation Council Hosts Workshop on Programmatic Accreditation Requirements

Islamic University, Najaf – The Islamic University in Najaf hosted a training workshop on Thursday, May 23rd, to familiarize university staff with the requirements for program accreditation. The workshop, titled “Requirements for Program Accreditation,” aimed to prepare the university’s colleges to meet accreditation standards. Representatives from the National Programmatic Accreditation Council for Colleges of Islamic Sciences led the training. The council members included:
– Professor Dr. Kifah Saber Rashid (Chairman) from Tikrit University
– Professor Dr. Thabet Mahdi Hammadi from the University of Mosul
– Professor Dr. Fadel Ahmed Hussein from the University of Diyala
– Professor Dr. Younis Qadduri from the University of Baghdad
The workshop was attended by university leadership, including the Scientific Assistant to the President, Professor Dr. Mohsen Al-Muzaffar, the Administrative Assistant, Professor Dr. Hassan Taher Melhem, and the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Professor Dr. Hadi Al-Tamimi. Members of the Quality and Academic Accreditation Committees from across the university’s colleges were also present.


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