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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Islamic University Commemorates International Manuscript Day

Islamic University, Najaf – The Islamic University in Najaf Al-Ashraf commemorated World Manuscripts Day with a scientific symposium titled “Investigation of Manuscripts: Ideas and Proposals,” held under the patronage of the University President. The event, co-organized with the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts in Cairo, featured a lecture by Professor Dr. Al-Salami titled “Our Manuscript Heritage.”
Professor Muhammad Nouri al-Musawi from the University of Babylon also delivered a lecture on fostering the investigative analysis of manuscripts and offered suggestions for its development. Academics from the Islamic University, University of Kufa, and Jaber bin Hayyan Medical University participated in the symposium.
The Islamic University, through this initiative, reaffirmed its commitment to preserving and promoting the study of manuscript heritage. During the symposium, several participants received honorary recognition from Professor Dr. Mohsen Al-Muzaffar, the scientific assistant, and Professor Dr. Hassan Taher Melhem Al-Yasiri, the administrative assistant.
This initiative was initiated by the Islamic University to support the revival of heritage and enhance its study.

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