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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Islamic University Honors Top Students and Competitors in “Al-Basira” Channel Programs Under Dr. Al-Salami’s Patronage

The Islamic University acknowledged the following students and participants in Al-Basira Channel’s Shaban programmes and contests, with the support of President Professor Dr. Ammar Al-Salami and in the presence of the deans of the university’s faculties:
1. The (Read and Rise) program, in which more than 150 male and female students participated.
2. An electronic jurisprudential course and competition on the rulings on fasting, in which more than 100 male and female students participated at the Iraqi university and middle school levels.
3. “Masterpieces of Shaabani Monologues” competition, in which 250 male and female students participated at the Iraqi university and middle school levels.
During his speech at the honoring ceremony, the President of the University stressed that this channel, which was established by the Islamic University a year ago, came to confront the intellectual and religious challenges among young people, especially at the university and middle school levels. He also thanked the channel’s management for its efforts in holding intellectual and cultural courses and competitions to serve Islam and Iraq.
For his part, Dr. Muhammad Baqir Al-Qabbanji, the site director, spoke during his speech about the advantages of the ‘Al-Basira Channel’, which are:
First, the channel welcomed all young Iraqi students from middle school and universities.
Second, because its programming is available online, students from all governorates and universities can participate in competitions, classes, and religious and cultural events with ease.
At the program’s end, the president and deans of the university gave special gifts along with letters of gratitude to the first participants and winners of the channel’s Shaaban competitions.

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