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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

IUN announces the results of the Imam Al-Jawad (peace be upon him) Award for Intellectual Creativity

The names of the winners of the Jawad Al-Imam Award (Imam Al-Jawad, peace be upon him) for international intellectual creativity were announced at the Islamic University in Najaf Al-Ashraf. Forty papers from Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, and the United Kingdom participated in the award. Upon scientific evaluation of these studies and submission to the electronic extraction program, sixteen research papers were excluded.
The scientific evaluation of the award’s research was as follows:
1. Assistant Professor Dr. Abdul-Zahra Jassem Al-Khafaji, from the Islamic University, Babylon Branch, Iraq, is the first winner of the award. His research is titled Imam Muhammad Al-Jawad, peace be Upon Him, his era, and his relationship with Authority: A Study in the History of Shiism in the first Abbasid Era. In addition to the International Intellectual Creativity Medal, Dr. Al-Khafaji was given three gold coins for the achievement.
2. Associate Professor Dr. Somaya Hassanalian from the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at the University of Isfahan, Iran, is the second winner of the award. Her research, entitled The Image of Imam Al-Jawad, peace be upon him, within the context of Persian poetry—an objective aesthetic study—was accepted for consideration. In addition to the Medal of Intellectual Creativity, Dr. Hassanalian was given two gold coins for the honour.
3. Dr. Hawraa Abdel Nasser Al-Ramahi, a lecturer at the College of Education for Girls at the University of Kufa, Iraq, is the third recipient of the prize. American Orientalist Dwight Donaldson identified her study project, The Image of Imam Al-Jawad (peace be upon him), as her research. Dr. Al-Ramahi was given the Medal of Intellectual Creativity in addition to a single gold coin.
An award ceremony will be held at the Islamic University of Najaf Al-Ashraf on Sunday morning, February 18, 2024, to honor the winners of the award, including the International Intellectual Creativity Medal, which will be awarded to all participants whose research has been accepted.