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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

The Islamic University commemorates the birth of the Prophet (PBUH) and his grandson Imam Al-Sadiq (PBUH).

On Wednesday, the Islamic University of Najaf held a central ceremony in the hall of the Faculty of Education to commemorate the birth of Prophet Muhammad (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family) and his grandson, Imam Jaafar al-Sadiq (peace be upon him), in the presence of deans of faculties, heads of departments, and university students.
The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, followed by the reading of Surah Al-Fatihah for the martyrs’ souls and the playing of the Iraqi national anthem.
The Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Nazim Al-Salami, then delivered a speech on the occasion in which he expressed the greetings of the university’s founding body. Afterward, the students chanted poems praising Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his faultless household (PBUH).
Husseini Youth Authority presented wristwatches to all whose names or those of their fathers or brothers bear the name of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
The ceremony concluded with entreaties for prosperity, progression, and success for all students. (HTH)