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الجامعة الاسلامية

The launch of the 1st International Medical Conference for Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences at IUN

Under the slogan “A step towards a better health future“, the Islamic University of Najaf announces the launch of its first international medical conference, marked (Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference, for the period of October 17–18, 2023, with the participation of a group of international scientists to exchange knowledge and ideas in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences.

Conference themes:
The Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference encompasses a wide variety of subjects, such as:

Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology:

– Research and clinical trials.
– Evaluation of efficacy and safety of new drugs.

Drug delivery systems:

– Innovative drug delivery technologies.
– Biotechnology-based drug release systems.

Pharmaceutical and Synthetic Chemistry:

– Design of new drugs and chemical compositions.
– Biological use of chemical techniques in drug research.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Education:

– Hands-on training and innovative educational technology.

Dental Sciences:

– Modern dental techniques.
– Research in the field of dental restoration and beautification.
– Oral health care and prevention of oral diseases.

Notable speakers at the conference:

– Prof. Dr. Osama Ramadan Abdel Mohsen – Derayah University, Egypt.
– Dr. Nabil Hammad Al-Hammadi – US Food and Drug Administration.
– Mr. Dr. Heikki Martoma – University of Helsinki, Finland.
– Mr. Dr. Ashraf Bayoumi – Al-Azhar University, Egypt.

Receipt of research begins via the research submission form, the link of which is found below, as the research will be examined initially by the conference team, and then uploaded by the relevant team to the university’s research system for the purpose of scientific evaluation.

To ensure that all papers are suitable for the conference, all submissions are subjected to a rigorous review process. An expert panel evaluates each paper based on scholarly quality, originality, relevance, and relevance to the conference topics and areas of focus.

For conference registration or inquiries, please visit our website:

Or contact us on:
+20 100 181 7506
+964 782 707 6417
+964 782 990 0246

Platform link for submission of research:

We invite you to attend the Pharmaceutical and Medical Sciences Conference to learn about cutting-edge research and developments.

Join us on the group link to lead tomorrow’s treatments:

Conference publication:

– Research accepted at the conference is published in the proceedings and on Scopus and Clarivate repositories.

Once the research has been accepted, all publication details are agreed to via e-mail with the researcher.

Conference dates:

– Commencement of receipt of research: 1\07\2023

– Deadline for research submissions: 1\10\2023

– Acceptance notification deadline: 20 days after receiving the research. – Acceptance notification deadline: 20 days after receiving the research.

– The deadline for paying the fees: 1/10/2023 1\10\2023

– Conference Date: 17-18 October 2023.

Participation fees:

– Fees for attendance at the conference, including all concessions for attendance, are 50,000 dinars.

– Publishing fees in conference-supporting magazines (private and general issues) vary according to the magazine.

– Fees for participating in the conference without publishing/participating/attending or listening: 30 thousand dinars.