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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

The Faculty of Engineering Participates in the 2nd Software Science Fair for Student Projects

The Faculty of Engineering at the Islamic University of Najaf participated in the second annual festival of the exhibition of software projects for information technology students, which was held by Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University in the College of Administrative Technology, where the graduation projects were presented to the students of the Department of Computer Technologies in the Faculty of Engineering at the Islamic University in the presence of the head of the department, Dr. Heba Abdel Jalil.

The research projects were discussed by the evaluation committee headed by Dr. Muzaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairi, the university’s president, where students reviewed the steps involved in the creation of a project.

Among these projects are:

– A project for a three-dimensional reading device for solids and identifying a stereotype on a 3D printer.

– A robot to overcome obstacles.

– Designing an integrated program for the examination committee in terms of entering grades and displaying results

– Designing the internal Moodle program for exams.

The attendees were also invited by the host of the holy shrine to have lunch after completing the discussion for the students.

Participants’ names:

Nada Jassem Mahmoud.

Pioneer Tamkeen Mohsen.

Sadiq Musa Mohsen.

Baqer Saad Abdul Zahra.

Radhya Abdul Yahya Ayoub.

Murtaza Kazem Jalil.

Muhammad Ali Muhammad Idan.

Moamel Abbas Jabbar Ali.

Mustafa Abbas Hilleil.

Karrar Haider Razak Abed.

Kazem Nabil Radi.

Hussein Adel Habib.

Youssef Kazem Abdul Razzaq.