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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

A lecturer at the Islamic University’s pharmacy faculty publishes a significant research in Q1

A lecturer at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Islamic University, Assistant Lecturer Tabarak Hadi Al-Naqeeb, published a scientific research in the Dutch Journal of Affective Disorders, which falls within the first quarter of Q1, with the coefficient H = 205 and the coefficient SJR = 1.79.

The study is entitled:

The physio-affective phenome of major depression is strongly associated with biomarkers of astroglial and neuronal projection toxicity which in turn are associated with peripheral inflammation, insulin resistance and lowered calcium.

This research was carried out jointly with a scientific team from Iraq and Thailand. It focuses on the investigation of a few factors that harm nerve cells and their connection to the emergence of severe depressive symptoms.

Also, in patients with severe depression, a connection between calcium levels and insulin resistance markers was discovered. The study suggested that in order to monitor the course and severity of the condition, measures of nerve damage variables in patients with severe depression be made. (HTH)