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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

The Islamic University commemorates the birth of the Hashemite Moons (peace be upon them) in the month of Sha’ban

Today, Saturday morning, the Al-Husseini Youth Authority at the Islamic University held various student activities to commemorate the auspicious anniversary of the Hashemite birth in the blessed month of Sha’ban, under the guidance of the President of the Islamic University, Professor Dr. Ammar Abd al-Amir al-Salami: The birth of the master of the youth of Paradise, Imam Hussein, on the third of the month of Sha’ban, and his brother al-Abbas, and Imam Ali Zain al-Abidin, and Ali al-Akbar (peace be upon them) on the fourth, fifth, and eleventh of the month of Sha’ban.
Banners of joy were raised at the university gates as well as the entrances to faculties and departments, and sweets were distributed to male and female students entering the main gate from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, and then in the evening. A variety of juices were also distributed at the university center, starting at 10:00 in the morning until noon.