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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

A panel discussion on the detrimental effects of the religious media discourse in Arab countries on extremist groups at the Faculty of Media

The Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Media at the Islamic University of Najaf held a panel discussion in the main hall on the negative effects of the Arab religious media discourse on extremist groups, led by Dr. Tuman Ghazi al-Khafaji.
The panel discussion included several topics:
First: The concept of religious discourse, which was distinguished by its association with sacred unseen beliefs, which are essential to a society’s cohesion and to solving the challenges presently confronting the Islamic nation, which seeks to spread the Islamic faith in doctrine, law, morals, and transactions.
Secondly: In the perception of God Almighty, intimidation should take precedence over enticement, as extremist Islamic groups in the Arab world worked to exclude reason and reality and confine themselves to emotion in their thinking, which was evident in their religious discourse.
Thirdly: The existence of the unseen is omnipresent in extremist religious discourse, despite the fact that belief in the unseen is a fundamental belief characteristic of the righteous. Despite Allah’s declaration: [This is the Book of certainty, guidance for those who believe in the unseen], the metaphysical discourse does not correspond to reality.
The panel discussion was attended by a professor of the Faculty at the university. (HTH)