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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

The Islamic University’s Department of Sports Activities makes an unwavering and sincere endeavor to empower students to create a healthy society

The Islamic University of Najaf has paid great attention to sporting events among its students because it contributes to spreading the values of integrity, sportsmanship, and respect for oneself and others. To spread it to all members of society, our university opened the doors of its open and closed sports halls to all forms of sports and encouraged students to practise them on a regular basis in order to develop their abilities and prepare them to be an active energy in society. In addition, the Department of Sports Activities at the Islamic University prepared quarterly and annual plans for various sporting events among male and female students. In doing so, the university made serious efforts for this under the direct guidance of the university president, Prof. Dr. Ammar Al-Salami, and with direct implementation from the head of the department, Dr. Jabbar Rahima Al-Kaabi, who made intensive efforts with his team in the Department of Sports Activities to hold team and other tournaments, as well as participate in tournaments organised by the Ministry of Higher Education at the national or local level.
Dr. Al-Kaabi told the university media that “youth at the university have the ability to actively and continuously give, to work continuously, and to engage in permanent activity to develop their talents, which is reinforced by the vision and guidance of the university president, Dr. Al-Salami, who provided all the capabilities for our students to participate in these various sports with the aim of advancing future youth towards purposeful participation.”
Dr. Al-Kaabi added, “The current academic year will be full of many championships and competitions between departments, colleges, and the two branches of the university in the governorates of Diwaniyah and Babel, and it will also be full of participation in the activities scheduled by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research at the national and local levels.” The activities department has held several championships. Inside the university, in order to select the distinguished elites to participate in these external tournaments.
The department’s top sporting events for the second half of the academic year (2022-2023) are listed below:
1- Football championship for faculties and departments of the Islamic University in Najaf in five-a-side football for students for the period from May 12–November 11, 2022.
2- The championship of the faculties and departments of the Islamic University in Najaf Al-Ashraf, Diwaniyah, and Babylon for female students in futsal football from August 8–22, 2022.
3- The table tennis championship of the faculties and departments of the Islamic University in Najaf for students from 29th Nov – 6th Dec. 2022.
4- The championship of the colleges and departments of the Islamic University in Najaf in volleyball for students for the period 25–29 January 2022.
5- The basketball championship of the faculties and departments of the Islamic University and its branches in Diwaniyah and Babylon for female students, for the period from January 2–3, 2023.
6- The final of the first-stage futsal football championship, scheduled for the dates 17-24/2022.
7- Participation in the athletic tournament organised by Hilla University College at Al-Kifl Stadium on 12/7/2022.
8- The Iraqi Universities Badminton Championship, which was held in Baghdad from December 15–18, 2022.
9- The Iraqi Universities Championship in Table Tennis, which was held in Basra from December 10–12, 2022.
10- A scouting course for Iraqi universities in Babylon, for the period from December 14–18, 2022.
There are also several tournaments that will be organised by the Student Activities Department in the second semester and, God willing, during the winter and summer holidays.
It is worth mentioning that the department has many activities that it carries out in cooperation and coordination with the Community Service Division at the university, including organising trips and receiving orphans and handicapped children, for which the department will organise an integrated programme. (HTH)