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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

IU organizes an entertainment trip for the Physical Handicap Institute students, bringing joy and happiness to their faces

In collaboration with the Division of Community Service at the Islamic University in Najaf, the Department of Student Activities organised on Sunday an entertainment trip for students from the Institute of Physical Disability to the Islamic University campus. The Islamic University president, Dr. Ammar Al-Salami, presented gifts to the institute’s students at a reception organised in the indoor gym.
The head of the department at the university, Dr. Jabbar Rahima Al-Kaabi, told university media that “the atmosphere of the trip was characterised by joy and happiness on the faces of our dear children, as the president of the university, professors, and students of the Department of Physical Education participated in fun and play with the children, as the children started their trip by playing the national anthem and waving the Iraqi flag in a beautiful carnival and overwhelming joy for children and students alike, where the students gathered around the handicapped to greet them and share their joy in this joyful atmosphere.”
“Handicapped children have a right and a debt upon us,” a Community Service Division official confirmed, “especially since we live in an Islamic society that is keen to pay attention to and take into account people with special needs.” In addition, our blessed university has sought to carry out works that benefit them, including organising recreational trips for orphans and providing them with foodstuffs, clothes, and other things that they need in their daily lives, to contribute to their integration into society and create an atmosphere of fun and joy for them.
Al-Haidari pointed out that “the Community Service Division is always trying to boost the morale of segments of society that need care, including organizing recreational trips for those with special needs.” Designed to establish a friendly, cultural, and social relationship between the university and charitable organizations interested in the welfare of people with disabilities or orphans, as well as other segments of society, this program aims to improve the lives of these individuals.”
It is worth noting that the Islamic University, under the guidance and direct supervision of its President, Dr. Al-Salami, always seeks to meet the most important needs of the various societies and the competencies needed by the labour market, in addition to the humanitarian aspect, which was represented in visiting the nursing home, the orphanage, the deaf and dumb, patients in hospitals, and the families of martyrs, especially the needy in our society. (HTH)