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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

The Islamic University of Najaf receives the delegation from Imam Hussein holy shrine

The President of the Islamic University, Dr. Ammar Abd al-Amir al-Salami, received on Sunday the delegation of the House of the Noble Qur’an at Imam Hussein holy shrine, in the presence of the official of the Holy Qur’an Division at the university, Mr. Mohsen Rasul al-Saffar, and His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Abd al-Amir Jabr. The delegation expressed its thanks and gratitude to the Islamic University for their active participation in the first Qur’anic meeting of Iraqi university professors, which was held on the fourteenth of November 2022, at Imam Hussein Holy Shrine.
Upon receiving the recommendations of the forum from the delegation, the University President thanked them for their blessing efforts to further strengthen relations and cooperation between the Imam Hussein Shrine and Iraqi universities to promote the Quranic culture among students as well as the thought of Ahl al-Bayt, peace be upon them.
The Holy Quran Division official accompanied the delegation to the Quranic event halls. At the end of the meeting, the delegation honoured the president of the university with a certificate of thanks and appreciation for his efforts in supporting the Quranic movement on many occasions, the most important of which is the free scholarship for memorizers of the Holy Quran, launched by the university three years ago and open to all departments. The president of the university also gave the delegation the shield of the university in appreciation of their blessed efforts in divulging the Quranic culture in the academic community. (HTH)