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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

The Islamic University is communicating with Special Needs Care Home to organize a recreational trip

As part of its charitable and humanitarian efforts, on November 22, 2022, the Islamic University in Najaf’s Community Service Division visited the Al-Riahin Institute for Hearing Rehabilitation (for cochlear implants and speech therapy). According to the department official, Mr. Abdul Karim Al-Haidari, the institute offers students a variety of educational services and helps shed light on this important segment of society by educating and inspiring them.
Al-Haidari stressed that “this visit is an important step on the path of communication to strengthen the bonds of joint cooperation between the Islamic University and associations, centers, and institutes concerned with caring for and rehabilitating people with special needs.”
Pointing out that “the division agreed with the director of the institute, Mrs. Adiba Fadel Abdel-Reda, to organise a recreational trip for all students next week, to see the university’s edifice, and for the children to communicate with teachers and students alike, to enable them to integrate into society to take advantage of their capabilities and abilities and thus help them. By gaining confidence in themselves and society, they will be able to exercise their rights to science, work, production, and creativity, which will, God willing, bear fruit on society with a great deal of energy expended by them.” (HTH)