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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

Islamic University President Honors Quality Assurance Department for ranking first among private Iraqi universities and colleges

Dr. Ammar Abdul-Amir Al-Salami, the President of the Islamic University of Najaf, honored the Department of Quality Assurance and University Performance at the university for its continuous effort to enter the university into international classifications, which was finally crowned with this achievement as the university is ranked first among private institutions in Iraq, and alone in Arab and international classifications.
The President of the University, Dr. Al-Salami, said in his speech at the honouring ceremony that “the university was and still is keen to honour the distinguished competencies, which leave a clear imprint in the scientific aspect, praising the importance of entering the university into international classifications and spreading its name and the name of Islam and Najaf among the most prominent institutions and universities in the world.”
Director of the Department of University Performance Quality Assurance at the Islamic University Presidency, Dr. Ahmed Al-Khayyat, confirmed that “this honor comes from the University President’s eagerness to celebrate professors who have dedicated much of their time and effort to the scientific process that serves the scientific process.” (HTH)