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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

The Faculty of Education at the Islamic University Commemorates the Birth Anniversary of the Greatest Messenger (PBUH) and his grandson Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq (PBUH)

On Wednesday morning,The Faculty of Education of the Islamic University of Najaf commemorated the birth anniversary of the greatest Messenger (peace be upon him and his family) and his grandson, Imam Jaafar al-Sadiq, with different programs and chants on Wednesday morning, honoring and celebrating this fragrant and dear occasion for Muslims and Muslim women alike.
Dr. Ammar Abdel Amir Al-Salami, president of the university, Dr. Nazem Al-Salami, dean of the college, and a group of professors, students, and staff attended the ceremony in the college hall. The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Noble Qur’an and standing to recite Surat Al-Fatihah on the souls of the martyrs of Iraq (may God have mercy on them). Then the Dean of the College gave a speech in which he pointed out the importance of reviving these occasions that the University has been doing since its founding and under the guidance of its founder, His Eminence Hojjat Al-Islam Sayyid Sadr Al-Din Al-Qabbanji, and the patronage of the President University Dr. Ammar Al-Salami, on reviving religious occasions, including the birth of the Messenger (may God bless him and his family) and the other auspicious births of Ahl al-Bayt (peace be upon them) by establishing various religious and cultural programmes and activities.
Students participated in the celebration by singing chants and poems that referenced the hadiths of the Messenger (PBUH) and his fragrance biography. In closing the blessed ceremony, the Dean of the Faculty, Dr. Nazem Al-Salami, awarded appreciation awards to students who bear the name of the Prophet. Following the presentation, the participants participated in a competition concerning the fragrant biography of the Messenger of God (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family). It is worth mentioning that the celebration was held in cooperation with the Husseini Youth Commission and the Religious and Educational Guidance Unit at the university. (HTH)