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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

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The activities of the cultural week of the Islamic University… In Four Languages, Student Publishes Newspaper to shield children and society from malicious websites and viruses

In the fourth cultural week’s festivities hosted in the gardens and halls of the Islamic University of Najaf, a student from the Computer Department at the Faculty of Computer Technology published an eight-page newspaper in four languages as part of the fourth cultural week events at the Islamic University of Najaf to keep children away from inappropriate websites.

Alaa Al-Murjan, a student at the Faculty of Computer Technology, told (University Media), “The newspaper is called (Computers and Languages), and its aim was to protect young children from malicious sites, especially with smartphones readily available to the elderly and children.”

An eight-page newspaper discussed computers and mobile phones, and how to determine which features to consider when buying.

Al-Murjan continued, “The newspaper was highly accepted by the visiting delegations of the cultural week, as well as by the students of the Islamic University, as it was published in four languages: Arabic, English, Russian, and French.”

The fourth edition of the cultural week includes various events and festivals for university students. There are several social, cultural, sports, heritage and entertainment events, as well as theatrical and cinematic performances, folk arts fairs, book fairs, and a bazaar for students and international and national companies.

 The events also include seminars, courses and training workshops by specialists from Iraq, Canada, Egypt and others, as well as the participation of the Popular Mobilization Forces, which reflect the sacrifices and victories of those who responded to the call of the supreme authority and the victories achieved by volunteers documented with the spoils displayed.