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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

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Palm Tree Trunk Carver from Babylon Exhibit his Skills in the 4th Cultural Week of the Islamic University in Najaf

The well-known Iraqi sculptor Dr. Rabah Ali Al-Saadi actively participated in the 4th cultural week events at the Islamic University of Najaf with his daughter. The exhibition of works of art that blend sculpture with the natural world by employing palm trunks, stems, roots, and tree leaves to create lovely sculptures was given its own pavilion.

The stereoscopic and environmental sculptures are two types of sculpture which have been featured in Dr. Al-exhibition. Saadi’s The first includes carving into palm tree material, whereas in the second, artists manipulate branches, trees, their leaves, or even their roots to create works of art that are then repurposed as lovely environmental materials.

Accuracy, patience, and dexterity are necessary for the art of carving on palm trunks, just as high-level talents are needed for digging on them with sharp instruments in order to complement the heavenly beauty of everything that God Almighty has made.

On a tour of the exhibition of Dr. Al-Saadi and his daughter, who is now a doctoral student in sculpture, visitors will find beautiful works of art in which the beauty of sculpture merges with the beauty of the environment, represented by wood (palm) and tree roots (figs, pomegranates and willows) with noble social themes such as motherhood, senility, childhood, and their relationship to each other.