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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

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Launch of the 4th edition of Islamic University Cultural Week… Sports and Legacy Events, Seminars, Workshops, and Open bazaar

Under the patronage and presence of the founder of the Islamic University, Hojatoleslam Sayyid Sadr al-Din al-Qabbanji (may God protect him), the activities of the 4th cultural week were launched on Sunday morning the twenty-seventh of March on the halls and gardens of the university in Najaf.

On this occasion, the opening ceremony was held in the conference hall. It was attended by the President of the Islamic University, Dr. Ammar Al-Salami, representatives of public and private universities, in addition to the President of the Union of Journalists in the Syrian Arab Republic, deans of faculties and heads of departments, and a large group of university students.

The ceremony began with the recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, the recitation of Surat Al-Fatihah for the souls of the martyrs of Iraq, then the Iraqi national anthem.

After that, His Eminence Al-Qabbanji delivered a speech in which he praised the university’s administration, deans, and professors for their interest in organizing such events and for helping to create a generation that could take on its responsibility in the face of the cultural war being waged against them by those who are attempting to erase the identity of the young Iraqis Muslims.

Subsequently, the university’s president, Dr. Al-Salami, gave a statement in which he emphasized the significance of this carnival in order to develop and nurture the skills of university students and young people. Afterwards, the Syrian Journalists Union’s president, Musa Abdel Nour, spoke, hailing the institution’s scientific excellence and wishing the Iraqi people success and wealth.

Then, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Tayyar, the representative of the University of Kufa, delivered a speech in which he expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the university’s administrators for their keen interest in nurturing and qualifying young students.

The Cultural Week’s Chairman, Dr. Jabbar Rahima Al Kaabi, then made a speech in which he thanked all of the committees that had been constituted for their assistance in making this unique carnival a success.

As part of the event, the University Presidency presented certificates of appreciation to its professors who earned promotions during the current academic year, and also honored the professor who conducted the most scientific research.

Cultural week’s fourth edition included a series of festivals and events held for university students, including social, cultural, sporting, heritage, and entertainment events, including theater and cinema performances, folk arts, book fairs, and an open bazaar.

Moreover, there are seminars, courses, and training workshops attended by specialists from countries such as Iraq, Canada, Egypt, and others, as well as participation by the Popular Mobilization Forces in events reflecting the sacrifices and victories of those who responded to the Supreme Marja’iya’s call and the victory of the volunteers documented with war prizes.

The Islamic University’s fourth cultural week strives to spread its message to the community by inviting everyone to attend and consider the admirable objectives that university students have from the tolerant Sharia.

The delegations, who were accompanied by the university president, visited the exhibitions of the fourth cultural week to view the students’ works in the fields of science, art, culture, sports, and heritage. They expressed their admiration and deep gratitude for the efforts the students made to make this carnival a success.