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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

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The Islamic University of Najaf commemorates the martyrdom of Musa bin Jaafar (peace be upon them)

On Monday afternoon, the Islamic University of Najaf commemorated the martyrdom of Imam Musa bin Jaafar (peace be upon them).

The commemoration, which was held in the university’s chapel, was attended by the founder of the Islamic University, His Eminence, Hojjat al-Islam, Sayyid Sadr al-Din al-Qabanji (may his honor last), the university president, his assistants, deans of colleges, and a group of teachers and students of colleges.

Sheikh Jaafar Al-Dujaili ascended the pulpit and spoke on the blessings of Imam Al-(peace Kadhim’s be upon him) life as well as the lessons to be learned from his personality, peace be upon him, who was known for generosity and controlling his anger. He also revealed the wrongdoing that Imam al-Kadhim (peace be upon him) endured, which he responded to with forgiveness and charity since he, peace be upon him, was just like his grandfaher, the Prophet of God (peace and blessings of God be upon him and his family).