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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

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The Islamic University agrees to strengthen coordination with the High Commission for Hajj and Umrah

Dr. Ammar Al-Salami, the president of the Islamic University, met with Sheikh Salim Al-Amiri, the director general of the guidance and research department of the High Commission for Hajj and Umrah, on Sunday to discuss the results of the tests for male and female guides for the year 1443.

The university has expressed full cooperation by providing all halls, observers, and all materials required for the exam’s success, as a joint committee will be established to prepare for the exam.

Sheikh Al-Amiri told Islamic University Media that “the Commission found a generous and kind heart from the President of the Islamic University to perform the exams for male and female guides for the Commission’s offices in the central and southern Euphrates governorates as well as the first and third offices in Baghdad”. “Over 1,200 male and female guides will be examined after Iraq is divided into two groups: the northern and western governorates in Baghdad, and the rest in Najaf”, he added.

Sheikh Al-Amiri expressed his “delight and happiness to perform the exams perfectly for the first time in this edifice, after the university opened all its facilities for the High Commission in the service of Iraq and society.”

University President accompanied delegation of the High Commission to look at exam halls set up for next March.