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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

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A Ministerial Committee Inspects the Progress of Final Exams at the Islamic University

The assistant of the university president for scientific affairs, Prof. Dr. Mohsen Al-Mudhaffar, welcomed the team of ministers from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, who were tasked with reviewing the conduct of the exams in both the pharmacy and dentistry faculties, as well as the radiology, sonography, and laboratories departments at the Islamic University’s Medical Technical College.

As part of its visit to the examination halls, the committee made use of the electronic central department. Additionally, they met with a number of students taking exams. The committee also toured the colleges and scientific departments where the attendance exams are held, including exam halls at colleges and scientific departments.

During its tour, the committee reviewed samples of the questions, and inquired from the students about the extent of its difficulty and its inclusion of the required material, and the availability of the necessary supplies to ensure a comfortable and calm atmosphere and the application of safety conditions and instructions issued by the ministry.

The Ministry’s Committee has commended the efforts of the examination committees and their good organization in providing a comfortable and calm exam atmosphere and the application of safety and security conditions to ensure the safety of the examinee students.

In his remarks to (University Media), Dr. Mohsen Al-Mudhaffar, the Assistant President of the University, said that “the university strives to conduct exams smoothly, to contain and encourage students, and to overcome obstacles in order to ensure the success of exams by finding solutions and ways”.