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The Continuing Education Center Holds Workshop on Psychological Guidance and Educational Guidance Division… Duties and Committees

In October, the Continuous Center at the Islamic University held a workshop entitled (The Importance of the Division of Psychological Guidance and Educational Guidance… and its duties and structure).

The workshop was attended by members of the psychological guidance and educational guidance committees of the scientific departments in the Central Library Hall on Monday, 30 November 2021. Dr. Ammar Al-Salami, president of the Islamic University, presided over the workshop, expressing the interests of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in regards to psychological counseling for students, especially those who experience problems. In addition, he stressed the importance of educational and moral guidance, and training in self-confidence, creativity, and understanding, as well as overcoming academic difficulties and discovering the love of work in students. For his part, the scientific assistant Dr. Mohsen Al-Mudhaffar, the division’s structure, committees, and work mechanisms. He also referred to the most prominent mechanisms to advance this division, activate its work, and record quarterly and annual work schedules.