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The Islamic University of Najaf holds the Fourth International Scientific Conference for Engineering Technology and its Applications with scientific support from IEEE in Iraq

Under the slogan: (Advancing scientific research is an essential step in building the new Iraq) and with scientific support from the IEEE Iraq Branch, the Islamic University of Najaf held the Fourth International Scientific Conference for Engineering Technology and its Applications using the electronic Zoom platform, due to the conditions that Iraq and the world are experiencing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, the conference activities began and will last for two days. The Conference began with a fragrant recitation of the verses of the Holy Quran, followed by the playing of the national anthem, and then the speech of the President of the Conference, Dr. Ammar Al-Salami, President of the Islamic University, who welcomed the guests and announced the start of the activities of this scientific forum. Afterwards, Sabiha Fadel Jawad, President of the IEEE Branch, Iraq Branch, addressed the audience. After that, an introductory video for the university was shown, and then a speech by Prof. Dr. Sattar Badr Sadkhan, spokesman for the IEEE Iraq Branch.

The organizing committee of the conference consisted of:
Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar Abdul-Amir Al-Salami / The Islamic University – President of the Conference
Prof. Dr. Sattar Bader Sadkhan/ Representative of IEEE Iraq Branch
Mrs. Sabiha Fadel Jawad / President of IEEE Iraq Branch
Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Hussein Al-Khayat / Islamic University
Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar Ibrahim Al-Saabri/ Islamic University
Dr. Maher Abdel-Fadil Gateh/ The Islamic University
Dr. Ali Abdul-Hussein Shukr / Islamic University
Mr. Ahmed Allawi Al-Awadi / The Islamic University
Assistant teacher Ahmed Fayeq Al-Halfi / Islamic University
Assistant teacher Ali Sahib Abusni / Islamic University
Assistant Lecturer Abu Dhar Mahmoud Al-Khafaji / Islamic University
Assistant Lecturer Muhammad Ihsan Habl Al-Mateen/ The Islamic University
Assistant Lecturer, Maysir Munther Adnan/ Islamic University
Mr. Ali Abdul Rasoul Al Salami/ Islamic University
Engineer Laith Hussain Jassim/ The Islamic University
Mr. Ahmed Jawad Kazem/ The Islamic University