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The adoption of the United Nations principles of Imam Ali (peace be upon him)

The Faculty of Law held a panel discussion entitled “The United Nations Adoption of the Principles of Imam Ali (peace be upon him)” by Professor Dr. Sahib Al-Hakim, on Monday, November 22, 2019, at the College of Law and Political Science at the Islamic University of Najaf.

It covered 3 main topics:

The first topic is the importance of international organizations, especially the United Nations, in establishing or adopting general principles because they will become a source of commitment to the countries of the world.

The second topic is the sources that can be adopted in the field of establishing or clarifying the general principles of the United Nations, and some of these sources are individual, that is, they belong to eminent personalities.

The third topic: Imam Amir al-Mu’minin Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) was one of the most important personalities after the greatest prophet (peace be upon him) who had a profound impact on human history on conceptual and scientific levels and on the level of laying down general principles. (HTH)