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Iraqi Public Policies Towards Peaceful Coexistence (2003)

The Islamic University of Najaf conducted a panel discussion entitled “Public Policies for Peaceful Coexistence in Iraq (2003)” on Tuesday 19 November 2019 in Hall 14.

The discussion focused on two main topics:

The first topic is: clarifying and presenting the concept of public policy and peaceful coexistence in Iraq after 2003.

The second topic is presenting the public policies that promote peaceful coexistence in Iraq, considering it a diversified sectarian, ethnic, and religious country that needs rational management of that diversity.

The seminar concluded that the general policies used to promote peaceful coexistence on the theoretical level, such as national reconciliation, writing the constitution, and others, but they face several internal and external obstacles in the implementation of these policies that prevent the achievement of peaceful coexistence in the form prescribed for it. (HTH)