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The Department of Radiological Technologies at the College of Medical Technology holds a scientific symposium entitled: ” Hirudo medicinalis”

The Department of Radiological Technologies at the Faculty of Medical Technologies at the Islamic University of Najaf held a scientific symposium within the series of weekly symposia entitled: ” Hirudo medicinalis” ” medical leeches” , on Monday, 06/28/2021, for the assistant teacher Nadia Habib.

The seminar included the following topics:

1- Identify the most important characteristics of medical leeches.

2- The economic importance of medical leeches.

3- The role of medical leeches in the treatment of chronic diseases.

4- Cases that require treatment with leeches.

5- How is leeching treated?

6- Damage to treatment with leeches.

7- Contraindications to leeching.

The symposium was attended by the teaching staff of the Department of Radiology Techniques. (HTH)