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The conclusion of the first media creativity award competition at the Faculty of Media Islamic University in Najaf

In order to activate the spirit of competition in the fields of meaningful and missionary media and in the presence of the founder of the Islamic University of Najaf Samaha Hajjah Islam and Muslims Mr. Sadreddine Kabnaji concluded the event of the first media creativity competition in the conference hall of the Islamic University of Najaf on Monday, June 14, 2021 More than 58 work from inside and outside Iraq participated, a specialized committee of academics was formed by the Faculty of Information and the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, and ten participants won the competition, including four in half, and certificates of participation and prizes of 200,000 Iraqi dinars were distributed for each award to the winners. We hope that next year’s competition will be more sophisticated and contributing to the business.

The festival featured a speech by Mr. Founder, where his eminence stressed the message that our media youth must bear along with the message of the scholars.

Winners of the competition

Photograph (Bassam Mohammed Majid + Amir Ahmed Al-Saifi)

Article: (D.G. Ahmed Jarlah Yassin)

Press investigation: (Naba Karim + Mohammed Hamza Al-Jubouri)

TV report: Karar Abdul Jalil.

Tv program: Abdul Razzaq Rahim.

Radio voice over: Noureddine Mirzadeh.