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The conclusion of the Bab al-Hawawaj Award and Kazem al-Rage Imam Musa, son of Jaafar al-Kadhim (p) International Intellectual Creativity (9th Prize)

The 2021/6/9 Bab Al-Hawawa prize and Kazem al-Athim Imam Musa, son of Jaafar al-Kadhim(p) International Intellectual Creativity (9th Prize), concluded on Wednesday morning.

Sheikh Dr. Imad al-Kadhimi of Iraq, the Holy Kadhimiyah Threshold, won first place in the first place for his tagged research: (Imam Musa bin Jaafar al-Kadhim (as well as his effects in interpreting the Qur’an – novels of faith as an example) after receiving (64.4) a score of 75 degrees.
Dr. Alaa Kamel Al-Issawi from Iraq, Faculty of Arts at Basra University, won second place with two gold bars for his tagged research: (The owner of Imam Al-Kadhim (peace be upon him Ali Bin Yaqtin study in his biography and administrative platforms) after receiving (64.2) degrees of 75 degrees …
As for the winner of the third prize, two researchers were equal to the same degree (63) degrees from 75 degrees, Each of the researchers examined one gold rail:
1. Associate Professor Dr. Jawad Bishri from Iran – Tehran University for his tagged research: (Kadhimiyah scene in Iranian texts and sources until the end of the eleventh century).
2. Assistant Professor Dr. Abbas Ismail Ceylon Al-Gharawi from Iraq – Faculty of Basic Education at Maysan University for his tagged research: (The deliberative speech of Imam Kadhim (peace be upon him) …
It is worth mentioning that the Islamic University of Najaf al-Ashraf has allocated a special award each year for the best search for one of the imams of the people of the house, peace be upon them according to the chronology of their imamate, and the sequence of this award was the ninth. Researchers and professors from: (Iraq, Britain Tunisia Syria Lebanon Iran Egypt Bahrain Algeria.
The number of research submitted to the award (76) was approved (50) to compete for the award …
As for the jury, the university has been assigning six professors specialized in the fields of history, Arabic language Qur’anic studies, manners and eloquence, dogmas Research method) and send a copy of all research to each of the judges to put a degree according to his exact specialization as well as subject all research to the process of extracting the ratio of electronic ingestion in it to not exceed the percentage (20%)