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الجامعة الأسلامية

الجامعة الاسلامية

الجامعة 2021 Small

Meeting of the Council of the Islamic University in Najaf

The Council of the Islamic University held a regular session in the presence of His Eminence Mr. Sadreddine Al-Kabangi, founder of the University, may God save him, who thanked the University at the beginning of the meeting to the Islamic University for its participation in the solidarity march that began in Najaf to defend al-Aqsa and defend the occupied Palestinian territories, which reflects the university’s awareness in interacting with the issues of the nation
After that, a series of important issues were discussed that contribute to the development of the university and support its scientific and academic career, and one of the most prominent issues was the approval of the future strategic plan of the university, which included the pursuit of a new group of colleges and departments in the university center in Najaf ashraf and in its branches in Babylon and Qadisiyah, as well as the adoption of the reconstruction plan, which includes the construction of a group of scientific, administrative and student buildings and facilities in Najaf, Babylon and Qadisiyah, as well as discussed support for scientific research and allocation Rewarded for researchers and the development and promotion of scientific laboratories with the latest devices and means necessary to conduct experiments and research as well as discuss other important issues included in the agenda