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Professors of the Islamic University of Najaf end an international workshop at Isfahan University

The international workshop tagged: (Strategies for teaching Arabic language arts, Compromise educational patterns and teaching inputs to teach Arabic to speakers between theory and practice)

The workshop was attended by:

A. Dr. Wajih Al-Morsi – Al-Azhar University / Arab Republic of Egypt.

A. Dr. Ahmed Abdel Shafi – Ain Shams University / Arab Republic of Egypt

The workshop was supervised by the Department of Continuing Education at Isfahan University in Iran, where participants in the workshop organized for seven days 14 hours of practical and theoretical training …

The workshop included 62 professors from nine countries, including six professors from the Islamic University of Najaf.

1. Dr. Hadi Abdul Nabi Tamimi – Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at the Islamic University

2. A.M. Hassan Taher Hassan Al-Yasiri – Administrative Assistant to the President of the Islamic University

3. A.M. Nazim Rahim al-Salami – Dean of the Faculty of Education at the Islamic University.

4. A.M. Tawfiq Abdul Amir Al-Ghazali – Director of the Department of the Islamic University.

5. D. Ahmed Abdul Hussein Da’ibel – Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Media at the Islamic University.

6. Amir Najm Al-Greedami – Head of Media/Journalism at the Islamic University.