Islamic University signs attaché of memorandum of scientific and cultural cooperation with Middle Euphrates Technical University

On Tuesday, 27-4-2021, the Islamic University was honored by a high delegation from the Middle Euphrates Technical University represented by the President of the University, Mr. Dr. Muzaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairi, his assistants and a number of deans and professors of the Technical University, where they were received by the President of the Islamic University, Dr. Ammar Abdul Amir Al Salami, Assistant President dr. Hassan Al-Yasiri, and a number of deans of the Faculties of the Islamic University, where the annex to the Memorandum of Scientific and Cultural Cooperation was signed covering all scientific and cultural activities and cooperation on the establishment of scientific and cultural conferences. Scientific workshops between the two universities, as well as the writing of scientific research among professors of the two universities, will give scientific, research and cultural impetus to the students and professors of the two universities.
In a special meeting with the media of the Islamic University, Mr. President of the Middle Euphrates University Professor Dr. Muzaffar Al-Zuhairi stressed the cooperation between the two universities, which has been going on for years culminating in the signing of this memorandum, adding that what distinguishes the Islamic University with its departments is open and understanding the requirements of education and has experience in dealing with the scientific and technical reality in Iraq, which facilitates us to cooperate with it, adding that the Islamic University is distinguished by the scientific sobriety and quality of buildings and laboratories and the quality and scientific requested.