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Islamic University receives delegation of the Union of Qur’anic in Najaf

Mr. President of the Islamic University received Assistant Professor Dr. Ammar Abdul Amir Al-Salami, respected, Wednesday morning, The delegation of the Union of Qur’anicists in Najaf headed by the respected Professor Alaa Mohsen al-Mahmoudi was received by the Dean of the Faculty of Law Samaha Mr. Mohammed Husseini and the assistant dean of the Faculty of Education Dr. Nazim al-Salami and the head of the Unit of the Holy Quran at the university, Professor Mohsen Rasul al-Saffar.
This visit was an expression of thanks to the Union of Qur’anicists in Najaf and praise for the efforts of the Islamic University in embracing the Qur’anic and their continued support for the Qur’anic movement through the initiative of the President of the University to give students who preserve the Qur’an free of charge in various faculties of the Islamic University, He stressed his support for readers and memorizing the Holy Quran, noting the need for the Qur’an keeper to take his role in spreading Qur’anic culture among his fellow students in all disciplines.
In conclusion, The President of the Federation, Professor Alaa Mohsen, presented the Union Shield to the President of the University in recognition of his efforts in supporting the Qur’anic movement and honoring
Keepers of the Holy Quran through the free grant, Mr.