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الجامعة الاسلامية

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The Faculty of Media at the Islamic University holds a media creativity competition

In cooperation with the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate and under the patronage of the President of the Islamic University, Dr. Ammar Abdul-Amir Al-Salami, the College of Media at the Islamic University of Najaf will hold the Media Creativity Competition on June 1, 2021, for the best media works in the fields of journalistic article, journalistic investigation, press report, picture, voice-over, television report, television investigation, and television programme.
According to the attached regulations, an invitation is extended to all Iraqi journalists.
Participants in this competition must submit their work by the end of the official working day on 05-2021. Send entries via WhatsApp 07803556657, via the College of Mass Communication’s Facebook page, or hand-deliver them to the Dean of the College of Mass Communication, the Islamic University of Najaf. (HTH)